Erika Vanzin


About Erika

At the age of eight Erika asked to Santa Claus a typewriter. That was the moment when her surprised parents realized she was not like the other children of her age. Anyway, that Christmas she got a heavy, professional, brand new “Olivetti Lettera 35”. It was love at first sight. She started immediately to type few words and soon she ended her first short story. As time passed she bought a more efficient computer for her script but that typewriter have always had a special spot in her heart: it was her first love.

Erika was born to Matteo Vanzin, a construction worker, and Nadia Vanzin, a secretary, on 6 December 1979 in Valdobbiadene, Treviso, a small town at the base of the Alps. Both her parents were born and raised in the same neighborhood where they currently live. She lived with them until the age of eighteen when she moved to Padua to attend University. After graduation she didnʼt come back to Valdobbiadene and followed her heart travelling the world, living in Los Angeles, Vancouver and London and visiting part of the North America and Europe.

Erikaʼs brother Nicola was born when she was five years old. Few months prior to Nicola’s birth she begun first grade at Nicolò Bocassinoʼs Primary School. Erika’s true passion for writing bloomed with the influence of her very first teacher in Primary School, who encouraged her creativity and fed her love for books and study like no one else.

As a teenager Erika always felt different, left out, unsuitable to the world she lived in, so she sought refuge in her journal, books and music. The two novels that helped her to survive through those years where “Never fade away: The Kurt Cobain Story” by Dave Thompson and “Jack Frusciante has left the band: a love story – with rock ʼnʼ roll” by Enrico Brizzi, two different novels that share the same discomfort that only a teenager can relate with. She finally found her place in the world at the age of thirty when she started writing novels.

About her works

Erika published six novels in italian: Cacciatori di segreti – La presa di coscienzaCacciatori di segreti – La sceltaForseCinque giorni per innamorarsi,Waiting and 304.

On December 2016 she published her first english edition of Waiting

Isabella Chiodero


Umberto Eco wasn’t mistaken when he said that the one who doesn’t read, when seventy, would have lived just one life. Well, I can definitely say that I have been a lawyer, a model, a lover, a chef, a president, a serial killer, an astronaut, a singer all in one life.

My name is Isabella, I was born on March 22nd 1992 in a small town in the province of Treviso. I inherited the love for reading from my mother who spent her nights reading me books, making me live fantastic adventures while I was relaxed under the blanket. My father passed down to me the love for animals and nature, passion that I share with my lil sis Arianna.

I’m a nurse that completely love her job; nothing is more wonderful to know that, at the end of the day, you helped a lot of people to have a good quality of life. Being in touch with so many lives is a magical, overwhelming, beyond words experience. Knowing that you took part of a small chapter of this wonderful book we use to call “life”, in a painful chapter, is incredibly emotional.

In addition to reading, I love to travel, discover worlds I didn’t knew, experience new foods and cultures, I love to discover songs that strike a chord of my heart. I love thrift shops and imagine the lives of the people that owned those things that they are selling, I love board-games, I love the smell of freshly washed hair. I love to take pictures, I love to eat Nutella and I love to decorate the Christmas tree. I love Picasso, I love the smell of the freshly cut grass and, lastly, I love the life with all my heart.

Well, this is me.