Review of “Per sempre Giovani”

Per sempre giovani

Title: Per sempre giovani (Forever young)

Author: Simona Diodovich

Released: 03/30/2016

Genre: Romance

Language: Italian

Where to find it: Amazon



Hanna Clarke is soon to be home. Four years have passed since she escaped from Heartfall, now she is forced to come back. She left a lot of things on that place: two graves, one strong and beautiful love and her now dying grandmother. Coming back means to see Devon again, look into his eyes and slowly die because he is not hers anymore. Devon Masters moved on with a new life. He is engaged with Deva, he is the vice-president of the Angels Club and he is ok, or, at least he thought he was ok until she came back.

Can two people still love each other after years? Or should they change their destiny to be together? Heartfall is so small that it doesn’t even appear on the maps and yet, in that small part of the world, a lot of things happen: seeing two hearts fall, bleeding, also included.

Per sempre giovani” (“Forever young”) is a romance that talks about love that somehow becomes epic. It starts into the innocence of the childhood when “love” means to play together and to tease each other to show affection. It’s a feeling that grows with the characters into the adolescence when every day is lived tasting the emotions with recklessness. It’s a love that never becomes adult, it never leads them to realize a feeling harbored for so long.

Hanna and Devon are two soulmates separated from a brutal and cruel reality that claims the lives of their loved. An escape separated them but the destiny decides that they have to be reunited four years later, in the same city drenched with the blood of their loved ones. A city that is at the mercy of the gangs that are tearing it apart.

In this romance, honor, respect and dedication are in strong conflict with cowardice, betrayal and opportunism. It’s occasionally violent, occasionally sweet, never predictable; it’s a romance where lost virtues mix whit the modern society. This is a story for someone that dreams the pure, sincere love that consumes your soul.

I lived every feeling between Hannah and Devon, every fear, every hesitation, revenge and redemption. I suffered, loved, and fought with them because Simona’s writing drags you down into the book until the last page. It’s a romance that takes away your sleep, it beats you to the ground and makes you cry. A book that stays with you for a long time after you finish it.

The only cons, if we can call it that, is that I would like to live more with those characters, I would to stay with them longer. When I finished the book I wasn’t ready to let them go, I needed to know more about them. Those pages bring you to discover them little by little, they take your hand and they teach you how to love them, virtues and flaws included. This is why I would have wanted to have sequel to be able to stay with them a little more, but unfortunately this is a standalone.

4 on 5

Reviewed by Erika

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    1. Ho davvero apprezzato il libro. Non ti chiedo il seguito perché lo so che non ci sarà ma sappi che mi mancano da morire Hanna e Devon!

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